How To Setup a FULL Private Blog Network In Just 30 Minutes

I’ve got something “groundbreaking” to tell you about today regarding SEO that will be extremely beneficial to your sites rankings.  So please bear with me.

I had spent all of last week in Fuertoventura attending a marketing event and meeting other internet marketers.  It was great but I met one guy in particular who’s company has developed a very cool, high-tech system that enables you to build a complete private blog network in around 30 minutes.  I’m talking about hosting, installation of WordPress, applying various themes and plugins… EVERYTHING.  All fully automated and setup with a few clicks here and there.

Honestly, I have seen nothing like this before.

This system builds and hosts ALL of your network sites at lightening speed and will update WordPress, all the themes and plugins and backup your blogs content on 100% autopilot.  The only thing you have to do from this point is post content and backlinks on YOUR new blogs.

Here is a breakdown of how this works to show just how simple yet powerful this is…

  1. Enter a domain name that you OWN.
  2. The system will create a hosting account with one of the hosting providers with a/b or non-sequential c block IP.
  3. It will then install the latest version of WordPress on that account.
  4. You can choose a specific theme or let the system apply a random theme.
  5. Tick boxes and choose from a choice of plugins to install (Lots to choose from)
  6. Change your DNS setting for the domain to point to the new hosting
  7. Your new BLOG is setup and ready to use! Rinse and repeat with your next domain.

After around 30 minutes your NEW personal, private blog network is ready.  All your sites will be hosted on completely different IP ranges across a number of high level hosting providers.  NOT your regular SEO hosting!

All you pay is one LOW and competitive monthly fee for this whole service including ALL the hosting and features.

Setting up a private blog network manually can be a very slow, tedious task.  You have to manually gather hosting companies, create accounts and going through the mundane task of installing WordPress and customizing EACH installation.  It’s a pain!  With this new system it removes ALL of that headache.  It doesn’t get any quicker or easier than this.

Now For The Great News!!

I had a good chat and drink with this guy who’s development company built this system and I managed to get you backdoor access and a special DISCOUNT for this service.  He is going to open the doors for you tomorrow (Monday) at 11am EST and this opportunity will be available to you for just 3 days.  The best part is you will have a chance to try this system out for 7 days for just $7.  This will give you a chance to log into the system, add some domains and see how powerful and usefull this system is.

This hasn’t been offically launched yet but when it does I have been told it will be FAR more expensive.  This is the chance for you to get in on something spectacular at a serious discount.  Once you access this system your low monthly price will be locked in for as long as you want to keep the service going.

The packages available are for 10 sites, 20 sites or 50 sites.

Another really cool aspect of this system is that you can segment your package into multiple networks.  Let’s say you have the 50 site package, you can then split that into three different niches and have a network with 10 sites, a network with 15 sites and another network with 25 sites.  Also, when you create networks the system automatically makes sure the blogs are on different providers / data centers / IPs.  It’s that simple and flexible and you never have to worry about having to manually update WordPress or perform backups.  You can do all of that with just one click!

Special BONUS For You

If you want to build your OWN private blog network and take advantage of this super discounted offer then you will also receive three BONUS PDF “Checklists”.

These checklists will show you EXACTLY

  • How to buy expired domains and what criteria to look for
  • How to find expired domains with
  • How To Avoid PBN Footprints






To your success!

Andy Black

Andy Black SEO

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