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Article Creation Software – Create Articles With Minimal Effort


I’ve just finished creating a video showcasing my new article creation software called Content Research Hub.

Content Research Hub allows users to create articles at super speed with VERY little effort involved… for ANY niche.  It can also create HUGE spin ready articles with a few clicks of your mouse which is extremely useful for those who use software such as SENUKE X, AMR or blog networks.

The video is a little over 4 minutes long and shows how the software works.

Why not grab a cuppa and watch the video below?

Please feel free to leave a comment.  For those interested in purchasing this software (Only $37 one-time fee), you can do so below (PC only).

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Update For Adsense Case Study

It’s been quite a while now since I updated anyone regarding my custom site builder script and my experiment so I thought I’d just tell you how it’s been going.

Right, since making my last blog post regarding this experiment I’ve literally done nothing with it. The reasons for this is that I got caught up in other projects (Link Abyss & Easy Article Rewriter Pro) and I also wanted to let the ‘auto’ sites bed into Google and get a little age behind them, even if it was just a few months.

For those not familiar with my project please read the first post in this category. Basically I developed a site building script that allows me to copy and paste in a number of keyword phrases relating to ANY niche I want. The script will then basically find me a relevant article, videos, and useful links etc for each and every keyword phrase. Upon retrieval it will then instantly build the web page making this process fully automated. I wanted to see how Google viewed a website that contained ONLY duplicate content but content that was pulled from various sources. Of course, with the end goal of making money via Adsense or any other form of monetization.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of months or so now and from day one Google crawled the pages within the site and has cached them (see screenshot). This means the pages are within Googles index. For the wedding site, at first my keyword ‘free wedding information’ ranked at no.5. After a few days this keyword dropped into oblivion but is now back on page 1 sitting firmly at no.4. This is with ZERO link building. The only link building I done was a couple of bookmarks to get the site indexed.

I haven’t checked stats and positions for the Cabbage Soup Diet site but I’m pretty sure at the minute it isn’t performing or bringing in much traffic. On the other hand, the wedding site is receiving organic traffic from Google (see screenshot). So the pages are indexed in Google and people are finding the site / pages via Google. This could be interesting. The traffic isn’t a great deal at all yet, BUT with some link building I wonder how much more traffic could be generated?!?

When I first ran the script I added a handful of pages per day for a few days, and no pages have been added since. Maybe if I setup a cron job (scheduled processing of scripts on the server) to add a few pages per day this might also increase traffic and rankings?!

As for the Adsense earnings, so far it has been very little. I think it’s only generated a few clicks. Also, the average time on the site is pretty low. ie – 15 seconds average although some have been on there for 2 – 5 minutes. Both of those are not great results, BUT if the design was improved, and a few tweaks were made here and there then maybe those figures could be increased.

So, what I’d like feedback from you guys (and gals) is… do you think using a script like this could essentially earn money in the long term. Do you think it would be possible to target specific (maybe easy) niches and auto build complete sites with just a few clicks here and there, and eventually earn regular income from them?

A lot of work would need to be done in order to perfect such a system, but does it have scope?? Please feel free to leave a comment below. It would be good to hear your views.

I have included a few screenshots below for you to look at. A future update will be posted when I decide how to process with this experiment, and when I have time to do so.

Ranked 4th

Ranked No.4 on Google

Cached Pages

Cached Pages in Google

Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic from Google

Ranked No.5 Out Of 51,900,000 Pages In ONE Day

I thought I’d share something with you guys (and gals) about an experiment I have started.  This experiment involves a brand new app / script I have developed that build FULL websites at lightening speed, on autopilot.  I simply paste in a list of keword phrases, select the category on my site and click ‘Build Pages!’ and the script will go and build the webpages complete with articles, videos and resources.  All relevant and useful information.

You see, although I have a couple of stagnent sites that have a few Adsense ads on I have never delved into ‘the Adsense thing’.  I do know of one or two people personally that have done VERY well with Adsense sites.  I’m talking thousands of dollars per month and one of these guys had about 500+ Adsense sites all bringing in money each day in clicks.

I have been pondering recently about which would be the fastest possible way of bulding a full website which would involve VERY little work.  As in for me to populate a site with lots of content.  I then decided to write a script that done just that.  The results are great.  It does work in 10 minutes that would probably take me two weeks manually to do.

Anyway, I have just setup my first two Adsense sites.  The one which I am going to talk about now is  .  I used my SEO Toolbox v2 to find me an available domain name without hyphens where the phrase got some traffic. Granted, it’s not a HUGE traffic keyword but for my intial experiments it was ideal.

I whipped up a site yesterday for it using my script.  I spent about 15 minutes using Googles keyword tool in my own specific way to get my keyword phrases.  I then pasted them 5 at a time into my app and clicked ‘Build Pages!’.  About 5 – 10 minutes later te site was built.

The next stage was to get this site indexed in Google.  All I done was add the link to my WF signature link with the anchor text ‘5’.  This is jus a temporary link for indexing purposes.  As well as that I bookmarked the site on Propeller and Stumbleupon.  I done that last night and this morning, not only has the site been picked up, Google has indexed 19 pages so far.  Not a bad result.

I have included a couple of screen shots below for you to look at.  I will be conducting this experiment over the next few months to see how much, if any, each of these sites can make.  I will also show in great detail what I have done to achieve this.  I cannot gaurantee that this experiment will be successfull.  All I can do is run with it, and then share my results with you.

I will also be tweaking different things with each site to test out various things such as ad placement, colours, site structure etc.  I will also then share with you the best methods I have found to make the most money from your sites.

With regards to this site building script, for now I will not be sharing this as I am using it for my experiments.  However, at some point I may decide to turn this into a real product so you guys (and gals) can get hold of it if you choose to do so.  That is of course if this experiment proves to be successful.

Another site I have just set up using this script is (note the difference in domain structure and extension – All part of the experiment).

I hope you all follow me on my journey to see how all this turns out.

Please feel free to leave a comment!

Here are the screenshots

Ranked No.5 in LESS tha 1 day.

Ranked No.5 out of 51,900,000 pages in LESS than ONE day

19 Pages Indexed In Less Than ONE day

19 Pages in LESS than ONE day

To your success!

Andy Black