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Simple Method To Improve Your Google Ranking

Today I wanted to expose a simple method for boosting your Google ranking.  As you will probably know there are a number of ways to achieve gains in terms of Google rankings but today I wanted to share just one that you can apply right now.

I’ve said it a million times before but a huge factor with ranking in Google is “RELEVANCE”.

Whether it is anchor text, page titles or header tags – Relevance plays a huge role and is the main “goal” behind what Google are wanting to achieve.  They want to serve relevant results to their users.  Period!

The method I’m going to teach you today involves finding relevant keywords and utilizing them in places where it doesn’t conflict or visually impact your content.

Let’s Get Started

First off we need to find our relevant keywords.  These keywords are going to create a nicely weighted theme for our main target keyword that we are wanting to rank for.  For this we are just going to use Googles “Keyword Planner”.  If you haven’t already got a Google account simply head over to Google and create a FREE account.  Then head over to ADWORDS.

Once there click on the “TOOLS” tab and then on “Keyword Planner” from the drop down menu (See below)

how to improve your google ranking

You will then be presented with a few options.  Select on the option for “Searching for new keywords” as shown below

increase google ranking

Then you need to enter your target keyword into the field as shown below.  This is the keyword you want your page to rank for.  In my example it is “dog training collars”.

google ranking factors

If you are wanting to rank your page worldwide then make sure the targeting is set to “All locations”.  If you are targeting a specific country or region then edit that option so that your chosen location(s) is selected.

how to increase google page rank

Google will return a load of keyword data grouped into ad groups.  All we do here is click on the “Keyword Ideas” tab so that it presents us with a full list of keywords.

google search ranking

Google will then present you with a ton of related keywords.  However, we are only wanting to find the most relevant keywords.  The keywords that Google are TELLING us are the most relevant to our taget keyword.  So we need to click the  “Keyword (by relevance) link at the top to make sure that Google are ordering their list by the keywords they think are the most relevant.

What we need to do now is copy and paste the top 8 – 12 keywords.  These are the keywords we are going to use to POWER UP our web page.

Utilizing Alt Image Tags

What we do next is make sure we have some engaging “relevant” images inserted into our web page or blog post.  Ideally 3-4.  These can placed within different areas of your content and related to specific sections.

The Power Of Alt Tags

First of all let me explain the power of alt tags.  An alt tag stands for “Alternative Image Tag” and it is what your browser displays if it cannot display your image.  However, Google also look closely at alt tags to determine what your image is about.  You would be surprised at just how many web masters and marketers leave the alt tag BLANK.  If you want to rank your page then you should always add alt tags.

Add Your NEW Relevant Keywords To Your Page

Ideally you would want to take these relevant keywords and add them as header tags and write lots of quality content for each fo these keywords.  However, this blog post is all about a simple “easy to implement” strategy so we are just going to add these keywords to your images ALT tags.

They do not need to be added literally as they are.  You can string them into a short sentence.  These will all be hidden from your content as they are alt tags so although they won’t generally be shown on your page in the browser – They will be visible in the source code that Google will crawl.

Let’s Take a Few Of These Keywords And Create Short Alt Tags

Here are a few examples of some of the tags you would create…

  • Quality dog training collar for your dog
  • remote dog training collar to train your dog
  • dog training collars reviews
  • electronic dog training collars are good training aids
  • best dog training collar for your dog
  • find the best dog training collar reviews
  • small dog training collar for smaller dogs and canines

No matter how optimized your content is, these tags will add lots more relevance and will be used by Google to help determine the “theme” of your page.

Ranking Graphic Only Pages

Alt tags are a MUST if you are wanting to rank pages that contain graphics only and ZERO written content.  Many marketers say this is not possible but I beg to differ.

Here is one of my sales pages that ranks at the top of Google.  Granted it isn’t a hugely competitive keyword but the page contains only graphics yet ranks at #1.

ranked number 1

The only content that Google had to go by was my page title tag… and ALT tags.

You don’t have to worry about cramming lots of images into your post as you can string TWO of these keywords into one alt tag like this…

Looking for a small dog training collar then take a look at our electronic dog training collars

It is also possible to add TITLE attributes to DIV tags if you are a little more savvy with HTML… or even just TITLE attributes to images.  Title attribute display in the browser when you hover over the element such as an image, whilst an alt tag only shows if the browser has issues displaying the image.

Here are example alt tags and title attributes

alt=”Looking for a small dog training collar then take a look at our electronic dog training collars”

title=”Looking for a small dog training collar then take a look at our electronic dog training collars”

There you have a simple and quick method of boosting the ranking of any web page or blog post.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and have got something of value from it.


Tomorrow (Monday) I have something very cool to show you so make sure you look out for my email.  I’m pretty sure you’re going to be very excited about it… particularly if you LOVE ranking sites with very little work.

Until then, feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Andy Black

Video Maker FX – Case Study

Today I wanted to share with you a simple case study relating to Video Maker FX.  Well over 5,000 copies of this software have been sold since yesterday and that is because it is a truly remarkable piece of software that any and every marketer should use.

The great thing about Video Maker FX is that you can apply it to near enough any online marketing strategy.  Whether you want to create quality videos for your OWN products or services, or whether you want to create videos for other businesses – The sky really is the limit.

In this blog post I’m going to share with you a simple case study and a couple of ideas of how you can use Video Maker FX to earn money.

My Little Case Study

Just a few days ago on 1st May when I first got hold of a copy of Video Maker FX, I created a short animated video to test out the software.  The video was related to a “local” favourite dish that is very popular within my local region.  A pub near me sells this dish and in my opinion they make it better than anywhere else.

I ended up creating the animated video that you see below and then I uploaded it to Youtube and sent the link to someone I know.

Here is the video…

This friend shared the video on Facebook which has resulted in 4 shares so far in the last few days.  (See below)


These shares have so far resulted in 187 views of this Youtube video (See below)


These are all views from LOCAL people which is some fantastic advertising for this local pub who will get the benefit from this viral marketing.

Google Ranking An Added Benefit

On top of the viral traffic coming from Facebook the video is also shooting up the rankings in Google.  A couple of days ago the video was on page 4 and has now zoomed up to the very top of page 2.  I simply used the tactics that I have shared in my BONUS report “Local Youtube Domination” that you can get FREE when you grab Video Maker FX through my link.


The keyword “eating out in XXXXX” is a popular one for local food searches so a good keyword to target for any town or location.

So, What Does This Case Study Mean?

It means that it is extremely easy to create traffic and exposure for any business on the planet with very little work.  I wasn’t even trying to get views or exposure with this and in just 5 days my video has had 187 local people watch it.

Just think for a second the “possibilities” with this.  Think how easy it would be to create videos like this for your local restaurants or businesses.  Simply add in a bit of humerous flavour and people will watch and share your video.  This can be worth lots of money to local businesses.

Here’s Another Money Making Idea

Lots of businesses have websites these days.  Most in fact.  Whether they are large or small.  However, not many have a nice welcome video to greet their online visitors. Video Maker FX not only allows you to create highly professional animated marketing videos that would normally cost hundreds or even thousands to produce… It also allows you to create them extremely quickly.

Having a professional “Welcome” video on their sites that welcome the visitor and showcase their products and services is something most would love to have.  You can now provide this service and even watermark the videos before sending a preview.

This in itself is a business in a box.  If you are looking to get out of your day job and be your own boss, then this is one very EASY way to do so.

This software is one of the fastest selling softwares in a LONG time so you may have already got a copy.

Get My Bonuses

If you haven’t then you can pick up a copy by clicking on the button below… which means you will also get my TWO bonuses.  These are 70 x High quality royalty FREE music tracks that you can use within the software PLUS my latest report “Local Youtube Domination” which will help you to turn these videos into a business 🙂

Pick up your copy and enjoy it!  There is lots of money to be made by using this software.

To your success!

Andy Black

P.s – Any comments or questions welcome below.

Finding The Right Type Of Keywords For Ranking Youtube Videos

Today I wanted to share with you a simple method of finding the RIGHT type of keywords for ranking Youtube videos.  Yes, there is actually a type of keyword that is easier to rank videos for and I’m going to explain to you what these are 🙂

First let’s take a few seconds to think about what “videos” are.  They are a form of media that make it incredibly EASY to visually showcase or demonstate something.  In fact, in many cases there is no better way to “learn or discover” something than simply watching a video… and BOTH Youtube and Google know that.

Why Do Some Keywords Show Youtube Videos On 1st Page Of Google and Others Don’t?

There are TWO reasons for this.  The first reason is the level of competition.  Some keywords might show results that have real strong, targeted content and that is backed up with a ton of backlinks.  However, the second and “main” reason for this is the TYPE of keyword being searched for.

Let’s Look At Some Examples

If we take the keyword “tennis” and enter that in Google we will see that there are no Youtube videos on the first page on Google.


In fact, Google thinks that their users are MORE likely to be looking for news related to tennis than “video content”… Hence them ranking a news article in 1st place.

Now let’s take the keyword “how to play tennis” and enter that into Google.

how to play tennis

You will notice that Google have placed a Youtube video in 3rd place on page 1 of their results.  The key difference here are the words “how to“.

When you add the words “How to” to a generic keyword it turns that keyword into what I call an “instructional keyword”.  A keyword where the user is likely looking for instructions or directions relating to something.  In this case, playing tennis!

In most cases it is easier to watch someone demonstate something than it is learning from textual content.  Particularly if it involves physical movement such as sports, cooking, building bonfires… and many MANY other things.  Google know this and as a result SHOW Youtube video content in their results for such keywords.

The great news for you is… lots of marketers aren’t aware of this and try to rank their videos for the WRONG keywords.  This leaves a huge gap for you to jump in and start taking out some of these page 1 spots 🙂

Let’s Take a Look at a Few More Examples

Let’s do another search but this time use the keyword “how to play piano”.

how to play piano

Google have decided that “Video” would be perfect for their top spot on page 1.  It will vary from keyword to keyword with how many videos they choose to show on their first page of results.  Sometimes it may be jst one or two and other times it will be far more.

Here’s another keyword…. “how to do a bmx jump”.

how to do a bmx jump

With this keyword there probably isn’t any suitable “written” content that can demonstate the answer as well as video… Hence TWO Youtube videos being ranked at the top and also videos from another authority video site (VideoJug) ranked further down the page.

Ready To Expose Some GREAT Keywords For Ranking In Youtube?

Ok, let’s get to it!  If you enter the keyword “how to play piano” into Google they will instantly display some “longtail” versions of that keyword.  These are suggestions taken from their data pool that a user is MOST likely to type into that seach field.  So these are REAL keywords that are being searched for in Google… by real people.


In the example above you will see that Google have revealed 9 other keywords that are highly relevant to “how to play the piano”.  Now, let’s take the first suggestion and type “chords” onto the end of our keyword.suggestions2

You will see that Google instantly provide us with a NEW set of suggestions.  These are ALL keywords that get searched for in Google and are all great keywords to rank Youtube videos for.

how to play piano chords by ear

You will see that again Google have ranked video content at the very top of their search results for that “longtail” keyword.  If you notice, that video isn’t REALLY optimized for that keyword either.  It is optimized to a point but it could be improved.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog post and that it has given you a better insight into ranking Youtube videos on page 1 of Google.  Simply choosing the right type of keyword will give you a huge advantage over your competition.

To your success!

Andy Black

P.s. – Did you like this blog post? Feel free to leave your feedback by posting a comment below.