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Video Maker FX – Case Study

Today I wanted to share with you a simple case study relating to Video Maker FX.  Well over 5,000 copies of this software have been sold since yesterday and that is because it is a truly remarkable piece of software that any and every marketer should use.

The great thing about Video Maker FX is that you can apply it to near enough any online marketing strategy.  Whether you want to create quality videos for your OWN products or services, or whether you want to create videos for other businesses – The sky really is the limit.

In this blog post I’m going to share with you a simple case study and a couple of ideas of how you can use Video Maker FX to earn money.

My Little Case Study

Just a few days ago on 1st May when I first got hold of a copy of Video Maker FX, I created a short animated video to test out the software.  The video was related to a “local” favourite dish that is very popular within my local region.  A pub near me sells this dish and in my opinion they make it better than anywhere else.

I ended up creating the animated video that you see below and then I uploaded it to Youtube and sent the link to someone I know.

Here is the video…

This friend shared the video on Facebook which has resulted in 4 shares so far in the last few days.  (See below)


These shares have so far resulted in 187 views of this Youtube video (See below)


These are all views from LOCAL people which is some fantastic advertising for this local pub who will get the benefit from this viral marketing.

Google Ranking An Added Benefit

On top of the viral traffic coming from Facebook the video is also shooting up the rankings in Google.  A couple of days ago the video was on page 4 and has now zoomed up to the very top of page 2.  I simply used the tactics that I have shared in my BONUS report “Local Youtube Domination” that you can get FREE when you grab Video Maker FX through my link.


The keyword “eating out in XXXXX” is a popular one for local food searches so a good keyword to target for any town or location.

So, What Does This Case Study Mean?

It means that it is extremely easy to create traffic and exposure for any business on the planet with very little work.  I wasn’t even trying to get views or exposure with this and in just 5 days my video has had 187 local people watch it.

Just think for a second the “possibilities” with this.  Think how easy it would be to create videos like this for your local restaurants or businesses.  Simply add in a bit of humerous flavour and people will watch and share your video.  This can be worth lots of money to local businesses.

Here’s Another Money Making Idea

Lots of businesses have websites these days.  Most in fact.  Whether they are large or small.  However, not many have a nice welcome video to greet their online visitors. Video Maker FX not only allows you to create highly professional animated marketing videos that would normally cost hundreds or even thousands to produce… It also allows you to create them extremely quickly.

Having a professional “Welcome” video on their sites that welcome the visitor and showcase their products and services is something most would love to have.  You can now provide this service and even watermark the videos before sending a preview.

This in itself is a business in a box.  If you are looking to get out of your day job and be your own boss, then this is one very EASY way to do so.

This software is one of the fastest selling softwares in a LONG time so you may have already got a copy.

Get My Bonuses

If you haven’t then you can pick up a copy by clicking on the button below… which means you will also get my TWO bonuses.  These are 70 x High quality royalty FREE music tracks that you can use within the software PLUS my latest report “Local Youtube Domination” which will help you to turn these videos into a business 🙂

Pick up your copy and enjoy it!  There is lots of money to be made by using this software.

To your success!

Andy Black

P.s – Any comments or questions welcome below.

Finding The Right Type Of Keywords For Ranking Youtube Videos

Today I wanted to share with you a simple method of finding the RIGHT type of keywords for ranking Youtube videos.  Yes, there is actually a type of keyword that is easier to rank videos for and I’m going to explain to you what these are 🙂

First let’s take a few seconds to think about what “videos” are.  They are a form of media that make it incredibly EASY to visually showcase or demonstate something.  In fact, in many cases there is no better way to “learn or discover” something than simply watching a video… and BOTH Youtube and Google know that.

Why Do Some Keywords Show Youtube Videos On 1st Page Of Google and Others Don’t?

There are TWO reasons for this.  The first reason is the level of competition.  Some keywords might show results that have real strong, targeted content and that is backed up with a ton of backlinks.  However, the second and “main” reason for this is the TYPE of keyword being searched for.

Let’s Look At Some Examples

If we take the keyword “tennis” and enter that in Google we will see that there are no Youtube videos on the first page on Google.


In fact, Google thinks that their users are MORE likely to be looking for news related to tennis than “video content”… Hence them ranking a news article in 1st place.

Now let’s take the keyword “how to play tennis” and enter that into Google.

how to play tennis

You will notice that Google have placed a Youtube video in 3rd place on page 1 of their results.  The key difference here are the words “how to“.

When you add the words “How to” to a generic keyword it turns that keyword into what I call an “instructional keyword”.  A keyword where the user is likely looking for instructions or directions relating to something.  In this case, playing tennis!

In most cases it is easier to watch someone demonstate something than it is learning from textual content.  Particularly if it involves physical movement such as sports, cooking, building bonfires… and many MANY other things.  Google know this and as a result SHOW Youtube video content in their results for such keywords.

The great news for you is… lots of marketers aren’t aware of this and try to rank their videos for the WRONG keywords.  This leaves a huge gap for you to jump in and start taking out some of these page 1 spots 🙂

Let’s Take a Look at a Few More Examples

Let’s do another search but this time use the keyword “how to play piano”.

how to play piano

Google have decided that “Video” would be perfect for their top spot on page 1.  It will vary from keyword to keyword with how many videos they choose to show on their first page of results.  Sometimes it may be jst one or two and other times it will be far more.

Here’s another keyword…. “how to do a bmx jump”.

how to do a bmx jump

With this keyword there probably isn’t any suitable “written” content that can demonstate the answer as well as video… Hence TWO Youtube videos being ranked at the top and also videos from another authority video site (VideoJug) ranked further down the page.

Ready To Expose Some GREAT Keywords For Ranking In Youtube?

Ok, let’s get to it!  If you enter the keyword “how to play piano” into Google they will instantly display some “longtail” versions of that keyword.  These are suggestions taken from their data pool that a user is MOST likely to type into that seach field.  So these are REAL keywords that are being searched for in Google… by real people.


In the example above you will see that Google have revealed 9 other keywords that are highly relevant to “how to play the piano”.  Now, let’s take the first suggestion and type “chords” onto the end of our keyword.suggestions2

You will see that Google instantly provide us with a NEW set of suggestions.  These are ALL keywords that get searched for in Google and are all great keywords to rank Youtube videos for.

how to play piano chords by ear

You will see that again Google have ranked video content at the very top of their search results for that “longtail” keyword.  If you notice, that video isn’t REALLY optimized for that keyword either.  It is optimized to a point but it could be improved.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog post and that it has given you a better insight into ranking Youtube videos on page 1 of Google.  Simply choosing the right type of keyword will give you a huge advantage over your competition.

To your success!

Andy Black

P.s. – Did you like this blog post? Feel free to leave your feedback by posting a comment below.

7 Simple Rules To Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

2014-fireworksWell, a new year is upon us and some may say a “fresh start”.  I’m sure that although some of you started off 2013 with the best intentions, many of you have ended the year with a feeling of low accomplishment.  Today I wanted to share some simple rules that you can apply to help you make 2014 your best year yet.

I know that your time is precious so I am going to keep these as short and sweet as possible.

7 Steps To Success…

#1: Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest reasons us internet marketers fail to grow our businesses.  Procrastination is where we waste hours on non productive things such as on forums, Facebook, playing games, checking stats and watching videos on Youtube.  Anything that is instantly accessible and an excuse not to take action or do “any work!”.  It’s sucks the lifeblood from our future success and we need to stop is NOW.

I also procrastinate at times and spend too much time on Facebook.  It’s easily done.  For us internet marketers it is the equivilant to a builder stopping for a cup of tea and a cigaratte every 15 minutes.  This seriously hinders your progress and will trash your 2014 if you don’t get a grip of it now.

The solution: Set specific times for these activities.  Maybe 15 minutes at the start of your day (work period) and 15 minutes at the end.  Or simply create a specific window of time for these.  Outside of these sheduled times stick to working on your projects, building your sites and working on tasks that will GROW your business and make you money.  Watching Youtube videos and browsing forums will not make you money.

# 2: New Year Resolutions Versus Setting Goals

I would predict that over 90% of new year resolutions are broken each and every year.  Over the years we have been almost programmed to think that new year resolutions fail.  So, why set yourself up for failure.  Instead set goals!

A goal is merely a point that you head towads.  A footballer heads towards a goalpost, a bird heads South for the winter and a runner sprints towards a finish line.  If we don’t set ourselves goals then we are essentially standing still.  We need a direction in which to move and setting goals help us achieve that.

# 3: Dream Big

It’s true that the only limitation in life is ourselves.  If you think small and lack confidence you won’t achieve anything.  By dreaming big and knowing that anything is possible you are opening doors to bigger and brighter opportunities.  There is a big world out there and you have the same chance of success as anyone else.  There is no “try” only “do”.

# 4: Embedding Your Dreams To Create Drive

Whether you work online part time or full time, set aside just 5 minutes to think about all the things you dream of having.  Think of the lifestyle that you want.  If it is a certain car go and look at photos of it online.  If it is a dream house imagine what it would feel like waking up each day in that house.  If it is freeing up your life and spending more time with your family then embrace those feelings.

Just spending 5 minutes thinking about the things you “could” have if you put your mind to it will give you the drive you need to “take action” for the rest of the day and get things done.  If we forget our dreams then we often lose the drive we need to move towards our goals.

# 5: Set Daily Tasks And Tick Them Off

Writing out a long list of tasks for the months ahead can be tiring to look at.  Instead, break these down into daily actionable tasks and tick them off as you do them.  Simply write down a handful of tasks that will help you grow your business and then work through them until they are all ticked off and complete.  Think of this process as “Taking Baby Steps Towards Your Success”.  After you have completed your tasks you may choose to reward yourself with 15 minutes of your favourite “procrastination past times”.  After all, you will have already done the work 🙂

# 6: Be Willing To Embrace Failure

A common mis-conception is that failure means “doom”.  The truth is that “failure” is the core reason why the top internet marketers succeed.  Most of the time we NEED to fail in order to succeed.  Failure means growth and a step closer to success.  Providing we learn from our failures and make the required changes we WILL eventually succeed.  With persistance of course!

# 7: Take Action Each And Every Day

Like procrastination is the biggest KILLER to online success, taking ACTION is the most important factor to claiming that success.  By taking action we are getting things done.  Things that will grow our business and make us money.

You can either stare at your screen and procrastinate whilst dreaming about “what could be”… or you could take action and know that one day you will have the things “that will be”.

Don’t sit back and let others overtake you.  Take control of the year ahead and make 2014 your best year yet.

Happy New Year everybody! 🙂


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Once again, Happy New Year! Let’s get 2014 off to a great start.

Andy Black

Andy Black