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Why It Is Important To Reach The No.1 Spot In Google

Most internet marketers and webmasters strive to reach no.1 on Google for their keywords.  This is self explanitary, because as you know if you are the first site at the top of the page, you are more likely to get more clicks and therefore more visitors to your website.  The further down you are on page 1, the less clicks you will receive.  The question is though, how much targeted traffic are you missing out on by not being at no.1 for your keywords?

A number of weeks ago I started analzing my stats and logging traffic for specific keywords ranked at different positions over time and ended up with some solid statistics.

My findings show that you will get approximately 38% of the total search traffic if you are ranked at no.1.  So for example, if a keyword phrase gets 1,000 searches per month then if you are ranked solidly at no.1 you will get approx. 380 visitors to your site via that keyword.

What is interesting here though is that the no.2 spot only gets approx. 12.5% of the total search traffic.  This is about 3 times LESS than the no.1 spot!

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What you need to bear in mind though is that these figures are approximations.  It could and WILL vary with each keyword.  One of the reasons for this will be down to the title tags and descriptions for the top 10 results.  If the web page that is ranked at no.2 has a more RELEVANT title and description than the site ranked at no.1 then that site MIGHT get some of the traffic that the no.1 spot would normally get.

Now imagine if you have a number of keywords ranked at no.2 and no.3.  Yes, that is a great achievement, especially if those keywords get a decent number of searches each month, BUT how much money are you potentially leaving on the table by not reaching the no.1 spot.  Probably lots!

The first thing you should do is find out WHICH keyword phrases you are already ranking for and more importantly, how many visitors those keyword phrases bring to your site each month.  Put together a list of ALL the keyword phrases that are bringing you a minimum of say 50 visitors each month, then pick out the ‘buying’ keywords or keywords that will likely result in an action.  This could be a sale, a new subscriber.  What ever call to action you have on your sales or squeeze page.

Then you need to take those keyword phrases and manually search in Google to see where your site or web page is ranked for each keyword phrase.  For example, You might find that you are getting 100 searches from a keyword where your site is ranked at no.4.  Imagine the increase in traffic you would receive if you could push that ranking up to no.1.  Another example might be a keyword that is bringing you 300 unique visitors to your site where you are ranked at no.2.  If instead, you were ranked at no.1 you would probably get around 900 visitors.  That is 600 more visitors per month that could potentially purchase from you or subscribe to your mailing list.

My point is.  Marketers often research and chase keyword phrases only to find that they are duds, or do not bring in the traffic that they thought they would.  Usually after investing lots of time on them.  If you have anaylitics (Google Analytics is FREE) installed you can SEE which keywords are already bringing in traffic so you KNOW those keywords are good.  All you need to do is give them a little nudge and drastically increase your traffic… and potentially… earnings!  Think outside the box… think smart!  Don’t go hunting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… when you have a treasure chest beneath your nose.

To your success!

Andy Black

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