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Article Creation Software – Create Articles With Minimal Effort


I’ve just finished creating a video showcasing my new article creation software called Content Research Hub.

Content Research Hub allows users to create articles at super speed with VERY little effort involved… for ANY niche.  It can also create HUGE spin ready articles with a few clicks of your mouse which is extremely useful for those who use software such as SENUKE X, AMR or blog networks.

The video is a little over 4 minutes long and shows how the software works.

Why not grab a cuppa and watch the video below?

Please feel free to leave a comment.  For those interested in purchasing this software (Only $37 one-time fee), you can do so below (PC only).

Purchase Content Research Hub!

How To Gather Lots Of Information For Any Niche

Today I want to share with you an extremely easy but powerful way of obtaining lots of information for any specific niche.

For this I am going to use one of my brand new software applications called ‘Content Research Hub’.  This is the first version release for the software but I do plan on releasing a new version shortly that will have an ‘auto’ rewrite feature built into it.

Ok, for this example I am going to use the niche ‘fly fishing’.

STEP 1: Open up the software and enter your keyword, in this case it is ‘fly fishing’.  You would then tick the relevant boxes to tell the software what kind of phrases / sentences it needs to extract, for example.. ‘Fly fishing is….’, ‘Fly fishing can….’ etc.  Then you select the sources you would like the software to extract from.  For this example I have selected ALL of the sources.  Lastly, you click the ‘Gather Research’ button.

Main interface

The software will then perform a number of searches and extract ALL relevant sentences from the hundreds of URLs it crawls.

Extracting sentences from sources

STEP 2: Once the software has finished crawling all the URLs, you can open up the information in a notepad document, or SAVE the information in .txt format.  In this example the software extracted 985 relevant sentences / factual snippets of information.  You can then choose to remove any low quality sentences and use this information to write your own articles.

 Completed processing

The software also extracts ALL the page titles as it crawls EACH URL which can be used to discover ‘ideas’ for new articles, or sub-topics for your niche.

There are also two other features available to you from this point.  After weeding out any unwanted sentences you can create an article using the available snippets of info by clicking on the ‘Create Article’ button.  You can then edit or rewrite it to make it your own.  You can also click the ‘Create Spin Ready Article’ button to take ALL of the available sentences and create a super size spin ready article that you can use in article distribution software or networks.

I am looking to add an auto spin feature that will spin common elements and part phrases with a single click.  This feature would need to be experimented with but can serve a very useful purpose and would allow users to create huge spun documents or articles with very little effort.

As mentioned before, for a short time I am offering a 7 day trial for this product and all my other products for just $1.

You can start your trial right now here…..


Please feel free to leave a comment and offer your thoughts.

To your success

Andy Black

Welcome To My Blog

Hi, my name is Andy Black and i’m the creator of Article Writer Pro.  A brand new article creation tool that enables you to create an endless amount of highly unique articles.  Articles that can be used for just about anything, particularly article marketing.

I will be using this blog for a number of reasons.  First of all to give my members updates regarding Article Writer Pro, including new features that I have planned for it and any other news that you may find beneficial.

Secondly, I will be sharing my knowledge and experience with you.  Knowledge that I have gained over the last number of years being involved in SEO and other online activities.  I will be running a number of live case studies too.  These case studies will hopefully expose a few of the myths out there and by sharing these results with you, you will know what works and what doesn’t work with SEO and online marketing.

I will also be creating a number of videos relating to these live case studies so you will have a visual representation of what I am testing and will also be able to see the results first hand.

On top of this I will also be reviewing various SEO software tools and such like.  I currently have a large collection of software which I have bought over recent years and i’d like to offer you my unbiased reviews of them.  These reviews will be accompanied by a video so you will actually be able to see what each piece of software does, and how it can help you with your online ventures.

Hope you enjoy following me on my journey. 

To your success!

Andy Black