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7th To 3rd Place On Google In 4 Days (Case Study)

Those of you who are on my mailing list will be aware that I have recently opened up my latest link building / article creation system, Article Writer Pro v2.0.  I decided to run a quick case study to test the effeciveness of the network.  It is of course early days and I’m currently in the process of adding more sites (PR3 – PR4) but I wanted to see if I could see some benefits from using the system to build links and then show the results to you.

As many of you will know, I haven’t posted on my blog in a long time so I decided to pick one of my existing blog posts that I made last year and then find out where I ranked with that post for a specific keyword.  The keyword I chose was strong backlinks.  I found that I ranked at no.7 for that keyword phrase (without quotes).

I then copied part of my blog post and pasted it into Article Writer Pro v2.0.  I parsed the content and rewritten it, by adding 3 new variations for each sentence.  I didn’t inluce the original sentnences so I ended up with the equivalent of 3 new versions of my blog post.  This took me about 40 minutes to do.

I then used the built in title spinner to spin the existing title.  This took me about 2 minutes.  Finally, I added 3 resource boxes, with each box only containing ONE backlink that pointed back to my blog post.  I used a different variation of the anchor text for each of the 3 resource boxes.  These were ‘strong backlinks’, ‘create strong backlinks’ and ‘build strong backlinks’.  Notice that the words ‘strong backlinks’ are present in ALL three anchor text links.

I then chose a category from the drop down list which was ‘Internet Marketing’ and clicked on the ‘Distribute to Network’ button.  That’s it.  Over the next 4 days the system drip fed these articles throughout the network resulting in 38 versions on my blog post being published on 38 different sites within the network on different IP address.. all containing one backlink pointing back to my original blog post.

Here is a screenshot of the Google results page on the 14th September prior to starting this mini case study:

Ranked 7th

Here is a screenshot of the Google results page on the 19th September taken after the submission had completed:


Ranked 3rd


Ranked 1st place on Google!

Here is a screen shot of the network stats showing the 38 submissions:

Network stats

The original blog post was posted ‘ironically’ a year ago yesterday and has been placed solidly in the search results since.  The only backlinks being built to this post… certainly this year have been purely from this one project.  Jumping four places might not seem much to some but it shows that this system works (and in such a short time).  Members who subscribe to the network can submit as many projects as they like.  They can rinse and repeat over and over again, and build links to any site, article, video or web page of their choice (Except for inappopriate content or of an adult nature).

What makes this network different from the rest is the fact that the articles are only spun on a sentence level.  After testing this theory for over a year, I have seen great results by applying this concept.  Every article makes sense and uses an ideal ‘structure’ rather than using ‘synonyms’ that frankly, wouldn’t REALLY be used by someone writing an article from scratch.  On top of this we don’t over saturate the network with TOO many articles generated by one project.  Why dilute the strength of your backlinks?!

Another strong point with this network is the fact that we are continuously building links to ALL the sites within the network.  I have a system in place that makes this possible.  I believe that a steady but constant stream adds ‘weight’ to these sites and creates a sense of ‘activeness’.  Not only with new content but also with backlinks.  Very important in my eyes.  Too many networks have thousands of blogs that are frankly, set and forget.  They don’t have anyone building fresh links to them and they are being populated with spun content that don’t usually read too well.

There are other unique benefits to the network but I can’t give these away.  At the end of the day, it works.

I have noticed a slight issue with the publishing rate.  I think that on some days the system is publishing twice, hence the reason why it has only taken 5 days to publish the 38 articles, rather than approx. 8 – 10 days.  This will be fixed today!


There are ONLY 24 hours left to jump on board and subscribe to the network.  I am offering FULL UNLIMITED access for only $10 per month.  This WILL be closed tomorrow and that price WILL go up when the system re-opens to new members.

If you would like to join us to give this a try out then feel free.  You can always unsubscribe at ANY time.  You will not lose ANY of the articles and backlinks you already have if you choose to unsubscribe from the unlimited access in the future.  In fact, standard members still get ONE free submission to the network every month

If you’re serious about making it online and are wanting to earn a passive income then this is something you really want to grab before it is too late.

You can join or watch the demo video HERE.

As always… your comments are welcome! 🙂

To your success!

Andy Black