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Welcome To My Blog

Hi, my name is Andy Black and i’m the creator of Article Writer Pro.  A brand new article creation tool that enables you to create an endless amount of highly unique articles.  Articles that can be used for just about anything, particularly article marketing.

I will be using this blog for a number of reasons.  First of all to give my members updates regarding Article Writer Pro, including new features that I have planned for it and any other news that you may find beneficial.

Secondly, I will be sharing my knowledge and experience with you.  Knowledge that I have gained over the last number of years being involved in SEO and other online activities.  I will be running a number of live case studies too.  These case studies will hopefully expose a few of the myths out there and by sharing these results with you, you will know what works and what doesn’t work with SEO and online marketing.

I will also be creating a number of videos relating to these live case studies so you will have a visual representation of what I am testing and will also be able to see the results first hand.

On top of this I will also be reviewing various SEO software tools and such like.  I currently have a large collection of software which I have bought over recent years and i’d like to offer you my unbiased reviews of them.  These reviews will be accompanied by a video so you will actually be able to see what each piece of software does, and how it can help you with your online ventures.

Hope you enjoy following me on my journey. 

To your success!

Andy Black