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Article Writing Software For Quick Content Creation

There is an ongoing debate on many internet marketing forums regarding article writing software and article spinners.  One side of the debate says that article spinners are no good and produces a load of garbage, whilst others claim to have produced great results and achieved success by using these tools.  The truth of the matter is, those that say article spinners are rubbish are generally those who have never used one.  Or should I say, never used a good one.

People always seem to remember the old ways of spinning, or referr to those automated spinning tools where you paste in your article and then click a button, resulting in a piece of content not fit for a dog.  The thing is, times have changed and techniques have moved on since those day.  There is some great article writing software out there, most of which is human controlled.  What is human controlled you ask.  Well, a human controlled spinner is where you add ALL the variations yourself.  This way you are not relying on a script to replace words with any old synonym.  If you setup a spinning project correctly you WILL always achieve great results, because whatever the system produces has been written by yourself.

I always say to people when asked, an article creator or spinner is only as good as the content and data you put into it.  A human controlled spinner itself is only a tool to work with the content you add.  The longer you spend building a project, the more unique your articles will be and the higher the number of articles you’ll be able to produce on the fly.

Now there are many different types of articles writing software.  You can the first type which is a spinner.  These usually take one article and allow you to programme various ‘variations’ into it for sentences and elements throughout the article.  Such as {this is a {great|good|fantastic} [tool|system|piece of software}}.  Then as mentioned above, the spinning software takes care of the rest and actually produces your articles.

Another type is software that takes a keyword phrase, scours various sources on the internet and retrieves various blocks of relevant content.  It allows you to quickly check the content over and if it is suitable, add it to your article window.  You can then tweak or rewrite it resulting in a finished article.  These tools are pretty good for creating content articles to add to your site or blog and the main advantage these have is that you don’t have to know anything about the subject or niche in order to create your articles.

Then you have Article Writer Pro which is my own creation.  After studying and using various article creators I saw what was needed in order to bypass Googles duplicate content filter.  So I developed Article Writer Pro.  With this system, everytime you create an article it will retrieve different content from your project database.  Providing you have enough content in your project it will ensure that the contextual structure of each article is varied from one to another.  So, although it is a kind of spinner, it actually allows you to choose which sub-topics are to be included within your article, and then retrieves varied content from those sub-topics. 

This system works very well.  Again, this is human controlled so if you add the right content to your account in the correct manner you’ll have a very powerfull system at your disposal.

So, if you are an internet marketer and struggle to create unique content, then consider investing in some article writing software.  If you don’t mind taking the manual approach you can try my FREE article rewriting tool, Easy Article Rewriter.  This is a completely free tool and really simplifies the process of quickly rewriting an article.  You can find the link to this tool on the right hand side.  There is a video within the site which shows you EXACTLY how to use the tool in order to create completely unique articles, and to pass copyscape 100% each time.

To your success!

Andy Black