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The Best Way To Build Contextual Backlinks

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to post a quick video today to share with you the importance of going that “extra few yards” when building contextual links within your content.

I’ts very easy to implement but can make a big difference when applied to your overall strategy.  The video illustrates why you just need to put a little thought into it when including your anchor text to your content.

Please watch the video below and post a comment to share your thoughts…

If the video wasn’t too clear for you I will try and re-iterate below…….

When Google crawls our articles or web pages and picks up contextual links that are placed within the actual content, they will pay close attention to the rest of the words within that “SAME” sentence. Just because a web page contains an anchor link it doesn’t necessarilly mean it is directly related to the overall theme of the page. For this reason Google will pay close attention to the context of the sentence that contains the anchor text link. It can then use LSI to get an idea of what this “sentence” or article is claiming this link to be about.

As we all know, a link from another website is a vote. However, you can get weak votes or “powerful” votes. By surrounding our text with “relevant” words we are providing Google with the data it needs to determine how strong our vote should be.

To your success!

Andy Black