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How To Get A Quick Boost In Google Using Forum Signature Links

I know I have covered this topic already in earlier posts but I just wanted to stress ‘again’ how powerful a forum signature can be when wanting to either: A – Get your links or pages indexed fast, or B – Get a boost in your Google rankings.

Now I’ve tested this time and time again and this technique works EVERY time.  In order to use this technique though you must be a member of a popular forum which offers dofollow links in your signature AND you must have a decent number of recent posts.  The more posts you have within the forum, the more backlinks you will have scattered throughout multiple threads and pages, all of which can be updated within a minute or two via your profile controls.

As you know, last week I released a video and posted it on my thread showing you how I use one of my apps to find keyword rich domain names.  Now, for some reason, Google always seems to like my posts.  They get indexed within a minute or two and they rank quite well naturally.  Anyway, my last post got indexed and ranked at around no.35 for ‘how to find keyword rich domain names’.  Anyway, two days ago I decided to add a link to that post on my Warrior Forum signature using the anchor text ‘How To Find Keyword Rich Domain Names’. Now I know that this isn’t a mega competitive keyword phrase but this is just to illustrate the usefulness of signature links when used correctly.  I checked this morning, just 48 hours later and that post now ranks at no.3 on Google for that phrase.  It has been given a ‘large nudge’ because of the anchor links in my forum signature.

Jumped up to no.3 in 48hrs

Signature link

So, how does this work? Well, I currently have 1,133 posts in the Warrior Forum.  When I add a new link to my signature, that link will be automatically populated across ALL the posts that I have ever made in the Warrior Forum.  As Google indexes these posts or re-caches these posts it will find these new anchor text links pointing to my post and in turn, applies more weight to my rankings. I will monitor this and see if the rank increases throughout this week.

Now here’s a question for you.  How much do you think you’d benefit if you had 200 – 1,000 posts in multiple forums?  …. This might be one for a future experiement 🙂

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To your success!

Andy Black