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How To See All The Links Google Knows About

When carrying out a link building campaign it’s good to know exactly which links are being picked up by Google.  As you will know, links that Google hasn’t picked up will not count within it’s ranking algorithm.  I see a common discussion banded around the internet marketing forums all the time where people are asking how they can find out which links Google knows about.  The majority of answers include things like, ‘Google only shows you a few of the links they know about’, or ‘It will only show you a few random links’.  This isn’t the case.

If you do what 99.9% of other people do then you’ll use syntax such as link: www.mysite.com or link: “www.mysite.com”.  The results given by these are not accurate by any means.

To get a better idea of how many of your backlinks Google knows about you need to do the following…

1) Create or log into your Google account and select Webmaster Tools.

2) Click on the relevant site that you want to check or add it where it says ‘Click here to add a site’.

3) Click on the word LINKS which is within the left hand side panel.

4) Click on the Verify link above where it says, ‘Pages with external links’.

5) Where it says ‘Choose a verification method in the drop down box, select ‘Upload an HTML file’.

6 ) It will give you a filename.  Create a HTML document and save it as that name.  Upload that file to your server.

7) Click Verify!

8) Click on Links again on the left hand side panel and then click on ‘Pages with external links’.

9) The pages that Google has found external links pointing to will be listed.  Towards the right hand side of them will be a number.  This number is the total number of links pointing to these pages.  If you click on one of those numbers it will show you all the urls where these external links are placed on.

You will see that Google is showing you LOTS if not ALL the links it knows about.

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To your success!

Andy Black