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How To Get Powerful Backlinks From Profile Pages

Some of you may have heard about high PR profile pages and how they can help you drastically with your search engine rankings.  Profile pages on ALL kinds of websites.  I have experimented with this type of backlinking over the last few months and I have some very useful information for you.  Information that can seriously boost up your search engine rankings.

So what are high PR profile pages?  These are basically websites that have a page rank of 6+ and offer free memberships where you can register and setup a profile page.  There are literally thousands of these sites, probably more.  What people are doing is joining these sites and creating a member profile page.  With the majority of these profile pages you can add one or more ‘dofollow’ backlinks.

Now there is a fine line between setting up a decent profile page and spamming these sites.  I don’t condone spamming whatsoever so you need to be careful when joining these sites and setting up your profile pages.

Before I go into some ‘meat’ regarding profile pages I want to tell you about my experience with setting up profile pages.  A few months ago I joined a ‘Warriors’ service from the Warrior forum whereby every month I was emailed a packet of high PR backlinks.  This included full instructions and screenshots of how to register with each site and where to place your backlinks.  A huge time saver!  (I’ll let you know more about this great service at the bottom of this post!) Straightaway I decided to add my own technique to the process.  To cut a relatively short store into an even shorter story…. within about 2 – 3 weeks my rankings for the sites I was setting the profiles up for went from around no. 300 in Google to no. 55 and another site went from no.58 in Google to no.4 where it still sits solidly now.  I was quite amazed with this.  Such a massive increase in a surprisingly short time!

As I’m a busy guy developing new ideas and adding features to my existing applications etc I didn’t have much time to do any more so about a month later I outsourced some of this backlinking to someone else.  Although the job was done exactly as promised and within the expected timescale the results were….. well, none existant.  Even six weeks after this work was done, no movement whatsover… in fact, some of the rankings have actually gone down.

Now onto the valuable information.  Information that can mean the difference of wasting a few hours of your time, or turning those hours into your best spent hours this year.  Seriously.

This is the difference between the way I set up my profile pages and the way in which this other person (and many others) setup their profile pages.

This other guy registered with a site, setup a profile page with two backlinks on and moved onto the next site.  So what’s wrong with this?  The problem with this is that there is NO theme to the page.  It will be similar or near enough identical to 80% of the other profile pages.  Google and the other search engines will NOT be able to work out what these pages are about because they have no contextual structure and are not topic related in ANY way.  These pages will simply be de-valued and filed on a dusty shelf somewhere next to the trash bin.

Before I go into the method in which I set up these profile pages I also want to point out that when I set up my profile pages previously I only set up 16 of them.  He setup 40 of them!  This goes to show the power of a theme related profile page compared to a blank page.

When you setup a profile page most of them ask you to enter a user name.  The majority of these sites include the username in the url of your profile page.  Having your keyword within the url can add quite a bit of weight to your page and can help with your rankings.  You need to be careful with this as it can be classed as spamming if you just stick your keywords in the username field.  Instead, add something like ‘andy-article-writer’, or ‘john-pens’, or ‘sarah-jvmarketing’.  By adding your name before your keyword you are drawing less attention to your keywords from a human perspective.  You also don’t need to put ALL your keywords in your username.  If you have a two word keyword phrase that you are wanting to rank for then even adding one of the words to your username is better than adding none.  If my targeted keyword was ‘promotional pens’ then I could use ‘andypens’ or ‘andy-pens’ as my user name.

The biggest mistake people are making when they are adding their link to the BIO section is that they are only adding their links to the bio section and nothing else.  Now that does look spammy.  What you need to do is spend a minute or two and write a good bio that includes your links.  This is a great way to NOT come across spammy and also get your keywords and related keywords in there.  This is what adds relevance to the page and makes it stand out ‘contextually’ from all the other profile pages.  It’s also good to add some ‘normal’ interests in their too as it makes you look like a real person.  One that site owners and admin can relate to.

Here is an example of a good BIO section:

I’m am an internet marketer and web developer.  I have created a number of web applications that aid other internet marketers and webmasters with their online marketing efforts.  Some of my products include an article creator that allows members to create highly unique articles whenever they need them and also a free article rewriter which helps members to rewrite existing PLR articles making them unique ready for them to submit them to article directories or upload them to their blog.

I also enjoy spending time with my family, going on holidays and playing sport.

What I have done above is add a theme to the profile page.  You don’t need to add backlinks to relevant sites, it’s ALL about relevant pages.  Google ranks pages, it doesn’t rank websites.  When it leads a user to some information it doesn’t take them to a site, it takes them to a page.  By adding relevant keywords and content to a page you are adding a topical theme.  With this theme Google can identify what your page is about and what it is ‘related’ to.  This can make all the difference!

If you have a content spinner such as Power Article Rewriter or any other spinner that uses the {word1|word2} syntax then you can use it to spin a new variation of your bio section.  Then just submit a unique bio for each profile page you set up.  If not then just write your profile pages on the fly.  Alter them a bit, write them from a different angle each time.

As well as the BIO section there is often other areas that you can fill out.  Things like ‘Occupation’.  If your anchor text is ‘Article Writer’ you could add the words ‘Professional Copywriter’, or ‘Professional Article Writer’ in the ‘Occupation’ field.  This will also add relevance to the page.

Profle pages are GREAT for increasing your rankings for ‘geographical’ keyword phrases.  If you are targeting a specific town or county then add them to the ‘Location’ field.  For example if you are a plumber in Manchester, then add the word ‘Manchester’ to the location field.  These are ALL visible within your public profile.

Another good thing to do is to add a profile photo.  Real members upload an image of some kind.  This doesn’t have to be a photo of you although it is advisable.  You can add an avatar or emblem of some sort.  This just shows that you have put a bit of time and effort into the joining process and value their site.  You never know, you may actually like some of these sites and decide to pop back once in a while!

It is always worth taking a few extra minutes per profile page.  You could setup 30 pages quicker without adding these other elements but you’d be wasting your time and effort when compared to the results you’ll get by setting them up properly.  If you’re going to do a job, it’s worth doing properly.

It’s very important though not to come across spammy.  You will look more like a spammer if you just add your links. Do it properly and you’ll reap the benefits in more ways than one!

The backlink package which I refer to in this post is Angelas Backlink Packets.  This is a fantastic service and if used correctly can catapult your websites to the top of Google.  This service costs only $5 per month and for that small fee you are sent an email at the beginning of each month which contains your backlink packet.  This packet contains clear visual instructions on where to easily obtain backlinks from 30 high PR websites.  These are mostly sites where you can setup profile pages.  The sites are all PR6 upwards with some even as high as PR9.

Many internet marketers are taking advantage of services like this at the minute due to the fact that they work.

To try out the service for yourself and to receive 30 high PR sites per month with precise instructions, CLICK HERE.  Seriously, at $5 per month, it’s a steal!

How to check which of your profile pages are NOT indexed in Google! Brand NEW app!

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A major problem with setting up profile pages is that many of them can take forever to get indexed by Google, if ever.  If Google cannot find your pages due to a complex site structure then your profile page will count for nothing, resulting in worthless backlinks.

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To your success!

Andy Black