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A Little Treat For My Loyal Subscribers

Hi Guys,

First of all I’d like to thank you for being a subscriber. As a thank you I’d like to give you a full months access to a brand new software tool I have recently created called ‘Authority Blog Finder’. There is no additional opt-in…. payment or anything like that. Simply download and use!

I’m hoping to release Blog Analyzer v1.5 next month as a WSO which is going to be packed full of features that allows you to find the ‘perefect’ blogs to comment on (not spam! but valuable comments).

Whilst I was developing v1.5 I thought to myself… why not transfer a few of these features into a seperate tool and let my subscribers use it to find some high PR authority blogs to comment on. So I did just that, and ‘Authority Blog Finder’ was born.

It isn’t anywhere near as powerful as my forthcoming Blog Analyzer v1.5 BUT it will allow you to find high PR .edu or .gov blogs that ‘HAVE’ comments on them… meaning that there is a good possibility that you could also get a comment (and backlink) published.

Here’s a couple of screenshots… and the download link is below…


You can choose whether to retrieve .edu or .gov blogs and you can also choose to retrieve blog posts that were only indexed recently.  Recent blog posts are more likely to be active when it comes to blog owners checking for new comments.

You can download the software here and start using it today.  You can use this version for a whole month so ENJOY!


Please note that I aven’t had time to add an installer so once you unzip it just run the exe file which is the software.  No installation required!

It would be great to have your feedback so PLEASE do feel free to leave a comment below.  Bear in mind though this this is a seriously cut down version of Blog Analyzer v1.5 but I’m sure you’ll find it extremely useful none the less.

To your success!