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Do Your Backlinks Exist?

I have stressed many times that creating a profile page or adding a backlink somewhere is not always enough.  If the page containing your backlink does NOT get indexed OR if the site owner removes your links or maybe even applies the nofollow tag then your backlinks will not count.  This means you have potentially wasted time and money.

I thought I’d whip this quick blog post up to show you the importance of checking your profile pages and also checking to see if they are indexed.  Now you can do this manually, which is time consuming, or you can do this using some kind of software.  For this example, I have used both my own apps, Profile Link Checker (New) and Index Checker.

What is the difference between the two apps?

Profile Link Checker checks each URL to see if it contains my backlinks.  It will tell me whether they are dofollow or nofollow and will also display some other useful data.  Index Checker will then take the VALID dofollow URLs and check to see if they are indexed in Google.  For those that have bought Index Checker, this app now returns completely accurate data.  The only issue you MAY see if you overuse it in any one day is a temporary block.  Profile Link Checker does not get blocked at all as it doesn’t query Google!

Mini case study using 15 URLs

For this small case study I took a list of 15 pofile page URLs that my outsourcer did for me a good few months ago.  You can though process a much higher number than this.  This is just to keep it quick and simple.  I pasted these 15  URLs into Profile Link Checker and ran the app so that it looked for backlinks pointing to a promotional website of mine.  The app returned only returned 6 valid profile pages that were both live and included dofollow links to my site.  This means that the others either had the nofollow attribute applied, were simply not present, or they have been removed or hidden behind a login.  Just having this information to hand enables us to not waste any time on the invalid links and just focus on the valid dofollow links.

Checking the indexing status of the dofollow URLs

What I did then was copy and paste the 6 valid URLs into Index Checker.  The app processed the URLs and shown that ONLY 1 of the profile pages was indexed in Google.  1 out of 15 URLs!  Not good.  How many profile pages do you create each month?  How many do you waste your time on bookmarking and such like, not knowing whether they are still valid or include your dofollow links.

What we need to do is weed out the bad URLs and then check to see which of the GOOD URLs are not indexed in Google.  Then simply make sure Google indexes those pages by bookmarking them and placing the links on high traffic pages, even if it’s just temporary.

The more profile pages you get indexed, the more VALID backlinks you’ll have pointing to your sites.  In the long term this will result in increased rankings and more online income.  So instead of wasting time on invalid pages, or links that don’t exist, spend your time on something more productive.

Results showing only 6 valid dofollow profile pages

(Profile Link Checker)

Profile Link Checker


Results showing only ONE indexed profile page

(Index Checker)

Index Checker


Index Checker Only $7Profile Link Checker Only $17

How To Get Your Profile Pages Indexed In Google

I did an experiment a few days ago to see how easy it would be to get a number of profile pages indexed in Google.  These profile pages included backlinks to one or two of my websites.

I had a number of profile pages created for me about 3 months ago.  Only a small percentage of these profile were actually indexed in Google.  Any backlinks that you have on a page that are NOT indexed in Google will count for nothing.  It’s important that you get as many of your profile pages (and articles and webpages!) indexed as possible so that those backlinks count!

Below is a screenshot that I took on the 14th December:


As you can see from the screenshot above, those 9 profiles were NOT indexed in Google.  What I wanted to do then was see HOW I could get those pages indexed using the quickest and simplist method available.  I took each of those URLs and bookmarked them using a website called Propeller.  Each URL took about 30 – 60 seconds.  This included writing a unique title and also amending the description.  If Propeller pulled the ‘bio’ content from the profile I just shortened it and changed it slightly.  Profile pages don’t have a lot of content on them at the best of times so I didn’t want Google to index this content on Propeller before indexing the content on my profile page.  Propeller wouldn’t let me bookmark one of the profile pages as the site in question had been banned for spamming so I just indexed it using a site called BlinkList.

After about 48hrs I imported the URLs back into my Index Checker app to see if Google had crawled and indexed any of those URLs.  As you can see below Google had indexed 6 out of the 9 profile pages.  This was ALL down to bookmarking each URL only ONCE using Propeller!  The page that was bookmarked using BlinkList has not yet been indexed.

Below is a screenshot that I took on the 16th December:


What I am going to do shortly is take those 3 URLs that my app has added to the ‘Non indexed list’ and then bookmark them using a different bookmarking site.  Then I will check in 2 – 3 days time to see if they are indexed.  Many people build profile pages and submit articles etc and then spend time bookmarking them to numerous bookmarking sites as well as using other methods.  My point is that if you find a couple of good sites that help get your pages indexed then you do not need to waste precious time bookmarking them to dozens of sites.  If all it really takes is just ONE site to index your pages then why spend time submitting to lots of sites?!

If you are working with a larger list of URLs then just use the process that I have outlined above.  Simply run the URLs through my Index Checker app (or check manually in Google).  Then copy and paste the non indexed URLs (generated by the app) into a txt document and save to your computer.  Bookmark ALL of the URLs ONCE using Propeller or another bookmarking site that works for you.  Then import the txt file containing the non indexed URLs into Index Checker a couple of days later and run the app again.  You will hopefully see that a number of those pages are now indexed in Google.  You can now forget about those INDEXED pages.  What you need to do then is copy and paste the non indexed URLs back into the txt document overwriting the previous list.  This list should now be shorter.  Now go and bookmark these non indexed URLs using another popular bookmarking website.  Then, same as last time, leave it a couple of days and run those URLs through the app again.  Keep repeating this process until ALL your profiles (or articles!) are indexed!

Remember, if you are actively building new profiles pages or submitting new articles then you can just keep adding these URLs to the list of non indexed URLs in your txt file.  This is your working list and will always only contain URLs that are not indexed in Google.

Of course there are many ways in which to get pages indexed.  I will be testing lots of methods out shortly and will be sharing my results here.

If you have any methods you’d like to share then PLEASE feel free to post a comment below.

To your success!

Andy Black