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The Importance Of Using Relevant Alt Image Tags

Hi Guys,

I noticed something in my Google Webmaster Tools account the other day for one of my websites and it dawned on me how important it was to include alt tags for all your images.  Not just to include them but also give extra thought to the words you include in them.

My webmaster data shown that Google treats alt image tags the same way as it does traditional anchor text.  We all know that we should use them from an SEO point of view as it gives some information about our “image”.  However, going by the data in my Google Webmaster Tools they have treated all my alt image tags as “anchor text”.

Take a look at the screenshots below…

Webmaster Tools Screenshot

Here are some interesting ones that Google has identified as “anchor text”…

Alt Tags Identified As Anchor Text

Those anchor texts are my “alt tags” for images that link to product pages on one of my sites.

So, What Does This Mean?

It means that you should always look at including alt image tags to images that “link” to your website or other pages.  That alt tag text will be identified as anchor text in the eyes of Google.

Find related keywords and add a short description using LSI keywords.  This will add an overall theme to your backlink profile and will help to increase your search engine rankings.

Utilize Images On Web 2.0 Sites

When creating content on web 2.0 sites or social sites, add relevant alt tags to your images and link back to your own webpages for more backlink juice.

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To your success!

Andy Black