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Adding More Weight To Your Aged Existing Backlinks

Hi Guys,

One of the factors that Google looks for when evaluating backlinks is their AGE.  How long has the web page been indexed and how long has your backlink been present on that web page.

A backlink that has been “present and live” for say 2 – 3 years is unlikely to e a paid link.  Google does not like paid links.  Spammy links such as profile pages etc also often get removed quickly by the web master who’s site has been spammed.  Flash by night links are no good and an indication of either a paid or spammy link.

Existing Quality Backlinks

When building links we often start building new links to the link we have “just” built.  Creating a tiered effect.  When done correctly this works very well as it can immitate a “natural” pattern.  The problem is we often forget about the aged links that we have built “previously”.  A year or two ago.  Those links we have built via private blogs, quality articles, lenses etc are AGED and hold some level of authority in Google.

It’s quite possible to increase the power of these links by building a “layer” of fresh, relevant links to them.  Or even multiple layers over time.  Done correctly this tells Google that other sites or pages with theme related content are “linking” back to them.  This increases users experience (which Google loves) and “relevance”.

The problem is the work involved in building quality, “relevant” links to your existing links.  It’s time consuming enough building links directly to your site without having to build extra layers to increase the effectiveness of your existing links….

There IS a solution!

It is called Digi Traffic Generator!  This software makes it SUPER easy to build any amount of links to whatever URLs you want.  Even multiple layers of links.

In the video below I show you how easy it is to build a layer of relevant backlinks to your EXISTING “AGED” backlinks… using this new “Software”.  This software can be used in multiple ways and allows you to add some serious weight to your backlink profiles!

Watch How Easy It Is To Increase The Weight Of Your Existing Links


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