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How To Increase Traffic To Your WordPress Site And Build Authority

Hi Guys,

Today I wanted to share with you a great tip on how you can quickly get more traffic from Google and increase the SIZE of your WordPress blog at the same time.  I have also developed a handy little tool that will help you with this which you are free to download below!

Utilizing Post Tags

This technique focuses on TAGS and how you use them.  So, what is a post tag?  A tag is an indexable page that focuses on one keyword.  You can then tag specific posts that are relevant to this specific keyword.  A user may search for “this” keyword or a similar keyword and find your site in th search engines via this indexed tag page.  They will then see any relevant posts which they can then click through to.

So, How Can This Benefit You?

By adding a decent number of tags to EACH post you publish you are essentially creating HUGE exposure and increasing the size of your website ten-fold.  When you publish a post you will naturally rank for a certain number of keywords.  However, you can’t cram a huge amount of keyword phrases within your article content without it looking… well unnactural and hard to read.

Watch The Video Below To Learn More…

In the video above I selected a number of keywords that were “very” similar.  It is best to vary your keywords more than the examples I shown in the video (I just wanted to show you an example of the process).  Also, try and find some good longtail keywords that contain 5 – 6 words.  These will be much easier to rank for.  A variation of these can make a difference.  I may have gone a little overkill in my video but adding a number of tags, particularly varied and descriptive will give you more REACH when obtaining more traffic through Googles search results.  Just make sure you don’t over optimize by using lots of “near” identical tags.  The example in my video were too similar really so try and diversify a little.

Up to now I haven’t fully utilized the TAG feature within WordPress for all of my posts although I will be from now on.  Below you will see a screenshot showing all the tags for one of my sites that are indexed in Google.  All 308 of them!

Google takes notice of these and indexes them.

Here is an example of one of my tag pages ranking No.1 in Google for the tagged keyword.

You will see that the tag has even outranked my MAIN post that the tag links to.  This is the whole point of tags… to gain additional traffic for a large number of keywords.

Key Benefits

  • Increase the number of indexed URLs in Google
  • Create lots of relevant inner page links to your posts
  • Rank for more keywords and longtails
  • Build an authority site

Download FREE Software

I hope you have learned a lot from this blog post and start putting this technique into action yourself.


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To your success!

Andy Black