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Video Of Index Checker (Showing NEW Features)

If you’ve read my previous blog post yesterday you’ll be well aware of my latest product called ‘Index Checker’.  This app takes a list of web page urls and queries Google to see whether they are indexed or not.

I have now added some cool new features to the app though which makes it SO much better.  The app can now quickly extract ALL your Ezinearticle and Goarticle urls from your account and populate them in the app ready for processing.  The app can ALSO extract ALL webpages from any websites sitemap (xml) file, that is saved on your computer and then check which ones are NOT indexed in Google.  All of these features are shown in the video!

Watch the video to see what this app can do.

Click HERE to watch the video!

This product will be available to buy next week for only $7.

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To your success!

Andy Black