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Article Creation Software – Create Articles With Minimal Effort


I’ve just finished creating a video showcasing my new article creation software called Content Research Hub.

Content Research Hub allows users to create articles at super speed with VERY little effort involved… for ANY niche.  It can also create HUGE spin ready articles with a few clicks of your mouse which is extremely useful for those who use software such as SENUKE X, AMR or blog networks.

The video is a little over 4 minutes long and shows how the software works.

Why not grab a cuppa and watch the video below?

Please feel free to leave a comment.  For those interested in purchasing this software (Only $37 one-time fee), you can do so below (PC only).

Purchase Content Research Hub!

NEWS: Forthcoming SEO Software Subscription Service

First of all I would like to thank all of those that commented on my last blog post regarding the software subscription service.  I had got some good feedback and have decided to proceed with this service.  Some of the software applications have already been developed and are currently being tested in-house.  Others are in development or in the queue for development.

For those people who missed my last email / blog post… I am refering to a new subscription service that I am going to launch soon which will allow people to access ALL of my products and future products for a LOW cost monthly fee of $17… with ZERO upfront purchase costs.  All systems, products and applications can be accessed and used for as long as the person stays subscribed to the service.  As soon as someone subscribes and pays their first $17 they will get instant access to the service and will be able to download ANY of the software applications and gain entry to the members only area.

First batch of software applications and products to be included within the subscription service:

Product Range

The products shown above will be the first applications to be made available via the subscription service.  Others applications will be developed on a continuous basis and will be released via the site which I am planning to have live within about 4 weeks.  Subscribers will also have access to the private forum, the content nework and future videos and case studies.

Content Network NEWS (Feedback Required):

One of the questions I get asked the most is ‘Is it possible to submit pre-spun content to the network?’.  The answer was always ‘no’ as I didn’t want poorly spun content to be published within the network.  Up to now the content has always been published via Article Writer Pro v2.0 which means the content always reads well, resulting in a good indexing rate in Google.  However, this does mean that in order to submit to the network you must complete a project which can take anything from 1 – 2 hours.

I am now considering adding the ability to submit spun content (an article with spin syntax) to the network.  This will make it much more appealing to some and will also speed up the process of adding articles and backlinks to the network.  There will be a quality control process implemented though to prevent poorly spun content from getting through.  This quality control process will be operated by my company and not the site owners.  This will ensure fast approval and that only quality spun content gets through.  A system will be in place to ensure that the spun content also passes a uniqueness threshold… similar to what is already in place with the current system.

I am also going to integrate the content network with the backlinksindexer.com service so that ‘X’ amount of published articles get driven through the indexing service which should result in an even higher indexing rate… plus it should psuh some extra weight to members own backlinks.

It would be great to hear your views on these new content network features.  Do you think it will be a good idea to implement this or not? Please comment below.

If you have any questions or would like to expres your views or oppinions on my new subscription service, then please comment below.  I do really appreciate the feedback.

To your success!

Andy Black

One Low Cost Monthly Subscription To Access ALL Applications

Hi Guys and Gals,

OK, I’ve been giving some serious thought recently on how to move my own personal business forward whilst at the same time offer great value for money… not only to seasoned marketers and webmasters BUT also newbies.  Especially to people who are just starting out in internet marketing and do not have large funds to invest in software, tools, networks etc.

Well this got me thinking.  I’m in the process of developing a number of small software applications.  I currently have a list of 12 to create and I’m just finishing development of the 2nd new app today.  These are all useful tools that can be used by you ‘the marketer’ every day and help with common tasks such as keyword research, niche research, URL scraping, blog finding, Bulk PR checking etc.  I thought to myself… what if I didn’t sell these applications… BUT instead offer EVERYTHING I have created along with future software applications and products for a LOW monthly cost on a subscription basis.  ie – Instant access to every product for one low fee.

OK, so what will the benefits be?

  • No large upfront purchasing costs
  • Instantly download and use ALL applications
  • New applications being added to the collection on a regular basis
  • Access to a private members only forum to share tips, techniques and follow case studies (a private community)
  • Send requests for new software ideas to be added to the collection
  • One LOW monthly fee ($17 for first X amount of subscribers)

All subscribers will have FULL access to all the software, systems and networks for as long as they stay subscribed.

Will I get access to Article Writer Pro v2.0 and the content network within this one subscription cost?

Yes, all subscribers to this new service will get instant access to Article Writer Pro v2.0 along with unlimited access to the content network, all within the $17 subscription cost with no other upfront fee’s.  The same applies for Easy Article Rewriter Pro and other software.

What if I already subscribe to Article Writer Pro v2.0 and the content network?

No worries… you will soon be able to access ALL the other software as well as future software releases.  So, no need to change anything as you will automatically become a new level subscriber.

Hot off the press software applications

Top 30 Analyzer:

Top 30 Analyzer Software

A simple but powerful desktop application that allows you to instantly analyze the top ranked websites for ANY keyword phrase.  The software will access EACH ranked page and check the onpage elements to see if they are optimized for that keyword.  It will also check the site and page PR and then perform a calculation to identify how EASY it will likely be to rank for that keyword.  The software also allows you to paste in a long list of keyword phrases.  You simply click a button and let the software process ALL the keywords for you.

Deep Link Extractor:

Deep Link Extractor Software

This simple software app allows you to enter any domain name which the software will then thoroughly crawl, accessing the top three tiers of the website.  This is great to identify the crawlable URLs of a website.  This tool can be used in conjunction with link building software.. or even my very OWN Index Checker v2.0, so you can find out ALL the actual URLs of your site / blog and then check which ones are NOT indexed in Google.  Lots of uses!

The reason for this blog post is to get some feedback.  Do you think this subscription type service would be attractive to internet marketers… both new and seasoned? Can you see the benefit of one low monthly fee rather than paying out for individual software as it is released?

Please bear in mind that users are already paying $17 per month just to use my content network via Article Writer Pro v2.0.  So, what I’m essentially doing is including access to everything I do for that same fee.  Basically, everything else is a bonus.  My vision is to create an unbeatable low cost subscription service for a monthly fee that will fit into every marketers budget.

It would be great to hear your views on this by posting a comment below.  This will help me determine whether this is a viable route to go down.

To your success!

Andy Black