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How To Find Keyword Rich Domain Names

Watch the video below to see how I find keyword rich domain names in a matter of minutes using other peoples websites.

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The Power Of Keyword Rich Domain Names

For years I have rambled on about the power that keyword rich domain names have when it comes to ranking highly within the search engines.  When I say ‘keyword rich’ I mean registering a domain name that has the exact keyword phrase ‘within’ the domain name itself.  I have seen FAR too many niches been dominated by ‘fairly’ new domain names that have the keyword within the domain.  These top ranking domains often have far fewer backlinks than the other competiting sites.  Of course, this is just one factor that Google uses when determining the relevance of a website and MANY people still think that including your main keyword within your domain is not important.  I will now show you why it does play a major role.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across something by accident.  From my analytics I saw that a number of people found my blog using the keywords ‘andy black seo’.  I typed that phrase into Google and was surprised by the results.  You see, the website I was expecting to be at the top was my blog on my Article Writer Pro site.  This very blog you are reading now.  The reason for this is because my name is plastered ALL over it.  The site / blog is also about SEO and internet marketing and it also has page rank and an Alexa ranking of 63,607.  The thing is, the blog was not the first site listed in Google.  The first site was www.andyblackseo.com.

This is the interesting part.  You see, andyblackseo.com is actually my domain.  It’s a name I registered recently and so far have not done anything with.  Just before Christmas I was setting up a blog for my local council.  I installed this ‘council’ blog on www.andblackseo.com temporarily until they had added various posts and pages ready for moving over to their own domain to replace their old website.  For some reason, Google had picked up a link to this domain, crawled it and indexed it.  This ‘Council’ blog doesn’t have my name plastered throughout it.  NONE of the content is related to SEO or related subjects.  None of the onpage tags has anything related to myself OR SEO so apart from the ‘domain name’ there is little or no reason why this site should outrank my own blog that has relevace, backlinks, page rank and everything else.  The ONLY possible reason why this Council blog is outranking my blog for ‘andy black seo’ is because of the ‘keyword rich’ domain name.

The problem we have these days is that the majority of these keyword rich domain names have been taken.  I use a feature on my All-In-One SEO Toolbox v2.0 that allows me to convert a large list of keyword phrases to domain names and then checks their availability.  Of course you can do this manually or by using other software, but if you dig deep enough you will come across some gems that are well worth buying.  If a keyword phrase gets traffic and is a ‘buying’ keyword and available to buy, then snap it up.

PARTICULARLY if the domain is available WITHOUT hyphens, with some content and backlinking you stand a good chance of ranking highly for that term, maybe even clinching the no.1 spot.

I have included a screenshot showing this new, unrelated blog ranking at no.1 ABOVE my blog.

Keyword rich domain name


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