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Some Useful Websites To Get Backlinks From [Plus NEWS]

I’ve put together a couple of CSV files for you containing useful sources to get backlinks from.  One list is web 2.0 sites that allow you to create accounts and add posts and articles.  The other list contains social bookmarking sites (dofollow).

I have checked the PR for EACH site and that data is also present within the files.

Download List Of Web 2.0 Sites HERE

Download List Of Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites HERE

New SEO Software In Development

I also wanted to give you a quick heads about a new desktop software application that I’m working on and hoping to have finished within the next week or two.  It’s related to keywords, authority and backlink analysis and will be a very useful application to have in your toolbox.  Particularly post Penguin.  More news on this shortly!

Case Studies

When it comes to SEO, increasing your rankings and driving MORE traffic to your websites it is usually a cas of trial and error and testing different strategies to see what works.  This can be a drain on resources, time and money.

This is why I’m going to be running a number of case studies and SEO experiments and then sharing the results with “you”.  With every major Google update comes “big” changes and testing backlinking techniques and social signals etc becoes imperitive.


Some of my case studies will be using “Fiverr”.  You’ve all heard of Fiverr right? It’s the website where you can get a host of jobs and tasks done for only $5.  There is a lot of rubbish on Fiverr but there are also some real “gems”.  I’ll be building some SEO campaigns that use Fiverr giggs and I’ll be sharing the results with you.

I will be documenting everything so stay tuned!  If you are on my list you will hear about it.

Instant Social PROOF For Your Content And Products

Before you go I also wanted to give you a quick heads up about a new product released yesterday by Peter Garety called WP Social Curator.  It is a WordPress plugin that allows you to get instant social proof every time you publish a new post on your blog.  This can be used for almost any content and can drive more traffic and sales for your affiliate products, software products or info products.

The internet today usually requires social proof in order to sell products.  People like to see what others have to say about a specific “product” before sometimes taking the plunge and investing.  This plugin can create this social proof right on your blog.

Peter Garety has released some fantastic plugins before and this one is proving popular so I’d recommend you head over HERE and at least check out the video to see how this plugin can increase your social buzz, traffic and click thru’s.

You can checkout WP Social Curator HERE.

As always it is great to hear your throughts so please do feel free to leave a comment below.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions via the comments section.

To your success!

Andy Black

How To Get A Top Ranking PR3 Ezine Article In 30 Days

OK, today I want to share with you a technique that I used to get a brand new article ranked near the top of Ezinearticles for a single word, “SEO”.  The end result… a PR3 article containing a PR3 dofollow backlink pointing to my site… with an increasing number of article views EACH day.

I’m not going to go into the exact step by step process… but I am going to show the basic process to clearly illustrate what I have done, and what I used to do this.  For those of you who ALREADY have my applications Easy Article Rewriter Pro and Article Writer Pro v2.0… then I urge you to repeat this process for yourself.  It takes a little time but the results are good and solid!

Step 1:

I opened up my Easy Article Rewriter Pro software and used my LSI Code technique to quickly build my LSI keyword library based around the singlular keyword ‘SEO’.  I’m hoping to add an automated LSI library building feature into the next version so this step will literally be a case of typing in a keyword phrase and clicking a button.

I then wrote an article themed on SEO using the software.  I monitored my LSI library stats and article strength gauges as I typed.  The keyword library also gives you some great ideas and sub topics to include within your article.

A screen shot of this is shown below…….

Screenshot of Easy Article Rewriter Pro

You can see the LSI keywords highlighted in RED and the article strength gauge at the bottom showing ‘mostly’ green.  The more green.. the stronger the article.

Step 2:

I then submitted that newly written article to Ezinearticles.com.

Step 3:

I created a new project in Article Writer Pro v2.0.  I pasted in the same article, parsed it into individual paragraphs by clicking the ‘Parse ALL’ button (I did NOT include the original sentences) and then activated all the paragrpahs by clicking on the ‘Activate ALL’ button.

I then followed the guided rewriting process and added 3 new variations per sentence.

A screenshot of the project is below…

Article Writer Pro v2.0 project

Step 4:

After adding all my variations (Remember.. you can outsource this task!), I then spun my title.

A screenshot of my title is below…

Spun title

After about 2 weeks my article was appoved at Ezinearticles.  There was a delay due to me linking to one of my article creation applications which they do not allow so I had to change the link.  Shown below…


Step 5:

I then created three resource boxes and added them to my Article Writer Pro v2.0 project.  I added a link to my money site in ALL three boxes.  Then ALSO added a link to my Ezinearticle in TWO of the resource boxes.

A screenshot of my resource boxes are below…

Resource boxes

I have included a linking diagram below showing you the linking structure that I wanted to achieve.  This will result in backlinks to BOTH my Ezinearticle and my money site… BUT ultimately passing more weight to my money site.

Linking Diagram

Step 6:

I then selected my category in Article Writer Pro v2.0 and clicked the ‘Distribute to Network’ button.

After that I let the system do it’s thing and drip feed articles throughout my content network… which resulted in backlinks pointing back to both my money site and my Ezinearticle.

Below is a screenshot showing the current network stats…

Content network stats

As you can see above, the network submission is only 3/4 of the way through the process of drip feeding the articles…. and the project was ONLY submitted on the 2nd November.

The Results:

As it stands today… my Ezinearticle is ranking in 2nd place in Google for the keyword “SEO”  when searching ALL the indexed pages from Ezinearticles.com.  This is out of 744,000 competing pages.

Below is a screenshot…

Ranked 2nd in Google

The article was only submitted on 11th October 2011, published by Ezinearticles on 25th October and it already has a PR3 as shown below….


The page ranked in the No.1 spot is actually an article category! So.. being ranked No.2 is pretty neat.

Although the article was submitted on the 11th October, the article was only accepted and published on 25th October ’11.  That was just over 2 weeks ago and the article views are starting to increase as shown below…Article views

This will hopefully increase each day which could potentially bring in more traffic to my money site.

If you already have membership to Article Writer Pro v2.0 with a subscription to my content network and also a copy of my LSI writing software, Easy Article Rewriter Pro then you can follow these same steps and apply this technique for your OWN websites.

If not, then you may decide you want to test this out for yourself to see what you can achieve by buying these products.  I offer a FULL 14 day money back guarantee… so if you aren’t happy with your purchases you can get all your money back.  All I ask is that you USE these tools and follow through with your plan.  The world really is your oyster!

To your success!

Andy Black

P.s. – As always… feel free to leave a comment.