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How To Rank Your Sites In Google [Plus Kick-Ass Whitehat Software]

Hi Guys,

I wanted to draw some more attention to Chris Munches latest product, Signal Pigeon.  There are three reasons for this.  Firstly, it is truly an awesome product which those of you who have already invested in it will surely agree.

Secondly, it closes in less than 48hrs so if you have grabbed this extremely low cost SEO training then I urge you to not waste any more time and get your copy before this closes.  Yes, it is that good… and at just a few dollars you’d be mad not to at least look at this.

The third and final reason is because Chris has also released some really, really cool software that is available to those that purchase the training.  The software is tailored strictly towards “pure” whitehat SEO but makes it SO easy for you to distribute quality content, build QUALITY links, release press releases (very powerful) and build a huge social presence to increase your social signals.  Basically, everything you need to do to rank highly in Google these days.


I’ve been having a closer look at the software which I’ll explain in more detail shortly, so please keep reading.

So, What Is Signal Pigeon And How Can It Benefit Me?

Sinal Pigeon is a video (MP4) that is packed full of PURE SEO content and runs for over one and a half hours.  Chris Munch (extremely experienced SEO) takes you through the 7 core SEO factors that is required to dominate Google after all of these recent updates.

Chris takes you through a “mind map” and then breaks each step and sub-step down into detail.  It’s very easy to follow!  Do’t let the length of the video put you off.  You can grab a coffee, watch some of it, take notes and then go back to it a little later.  However you want to watch it… that’s up to you.  I can almost guarantee that it is the best, if not one of the best “current” up to date SEO videos available.

Here’s is a screenshot so you can understand how Chris takes you through each step whilst explaining each section and why it’s important.

That information is “golden” and until it closes tomorrow you can download a copy for a few dollars from HERE.

So, What About This Powerful SEO Software?

It is called Traffic Magnet and is one of the best “whitehat” software tools available.  I’ve been having a look around the software and it is pretty amazing.  It isn’t an automated tool.  What it does though is allow you to quickly build campagins, publish content, build authority on the web and create a huge social presence.  The social intelligence feature is amazing.

Here are some screenshots to give you a better “overall picture” of what the software does…

Main Interface

When you load the software you are presented with a number of modules.  You can switch between these at anytime when building your campaigns.

 Article Submission

You can add your own article sites and quickly drag and drop elements to make submission extremely “quick and easy”.

Social Intelligence

This is one of my favourite modules.  You can enter any keyword and quickly retrieve recent Tweets, Posts or anything else that discusses your keyword.  This enables you to interact and reply from within the software.  This increases the social signals to your own websites and also “the traffic!”.

Spinning Functionality

Traffic Magnet has a built-in spinning module which is great for creating variations for social bookmarks, video descriptions etc.  It adds diversity when distributing your content on the web.

Research Module

You can quickly collate research for “ANY” keyword or niche.  Very useful and very cool.  Afterall, it should always start with research!

The Tip Of The Iceberg

This really is the tip of the iceberg though.  You can create and submit press releases, videos, pod casts, social bookmarks, classified ads and PDF’s.  It’s a complete tool that you can use to do “STRONG” whitehat SEO that Google will take notice of in a really good way.  It will help you to not only increase your search engine rankings, but also to drive targeted, quality traffic from a number of quality sources.


Full Training

The software comes with full training and lots of “information” that will help you to get the most out of using this powerful software.

Windows & Mac

The software is compatible with both Windows (PC) and Mac.


The front end product, Signal Pigeon which is the high-quality SEO training video costs only around $8.  If you are not interested in the Traffic Magnet software then I urge you to at least grab this training as it will explain a lot and it could make the difference to your rankings.

The Traffic Magnet software comes with either a personal license costing $67 or a commecial license for $97.  The commercial license allows a number of your outsourcers / team to use it also.

Remember, this is a ONE-TIME fee!  Unlike other software tools such as SENUKE (Blackhat) that costs $147 per month, this software is a one-time payment.  Pay once and enjoy the benefits of the software for a long LONG time!

Closing In Less Than 48hrs…

You can grab Signal Pigeon and Traffic Magnet until tomorrow (Tuesday 30th October).  From tomorrow the offer will be closed and taken down.  If you want to start dominating Google in 2012 onwards and get FREE organic traffic to your websites, I would highly recommend these products.


To your success!

Andy Black