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Tiered Linking And How To Use Them To Increase Your Google Rankings

Today I wanted to talk about tiered link building and why it is important to include these within your SEO campaigns.

For those of you that do not know what tiered links are, they are backlinks that link to your “other” backlinks.  This creates a number of layers that essentially pushes more weight to your “main” backlinks and your own websites.

Let’s Start With 1st Tier Links

Ok, the first level of backlinks are known as your 1st tier links.  These are the only ones that point directly to your website and webpages.  These need to be on quality sites and be included within quality content.  These can be quality web 2.0 properties, guest blog posts on relevant blogs or even “quality forum profiles” (did you read yesterdays blog post about this?).

All the links on your 1st tier want to ooze quality, be on reputable “active” websites or domains and link to inner pages of your website as well as to your homepage.  The anchor text needs to be varied and you also want to include naked and generic links.  Nakes links is literally just the URL and generic links use anchor text such as “Read more here”.

2nd And 3rd Tier Links

These types of links can be built at a fast speed as you are able to use software to do this.  There are a number of tools available that will help you create and publish content on a number of sites, all of which can link back to your 1st tier links.

I have a number of rules that I apply here to make these links look natural and to help them retain as much quality as possible.

1)  Spin your content but not by word level.  You want all the content you create to be human readable and to make sense.  Google is very good at detecting poorly spun content and bad “English”.  If your content reads well then your links will yield some value.  I like to spin by paragraph.  So I collate lots of “highly relevant” paragaphs and then tweak the start of each paragraph (if required) to make it read OK on it’s own.  Just make sure they do’t start off as though they are continueing on from a “previous” paragraph.  This way when your software randomly selects say 4 paragraphs from maybe 20 paragraphs the article will read OK.  Each time the software spins a new version it will have a completely different structure and it will read “OK”.

2) Include just one or two links within each submission.  Choose about 7-10 different variations of keyword rich anchor text and also include about 5-10 generic anchor text such as “Click here”, “To read more go here” and so on.  Then also add your naked link which my may along the lines of http://www.thisisyournakedlink.com/pageurl  Remember, the URLs you want to be linking to here are not your money sites but your 1st tier of links so load in ALL your tier 1 link URLS.

3)  As well as linking to your 1st tier links you also want to link to other authority sites.  Not competitor sites but sites such as Wikipedia.com.  Find relevant articles onWikipedia for your topic or niche and add some links to those.  Pick 5-10 quality “information” sites and link to them also.  Each published article should include one or two of your own links and also one link to an authority site.

Google loves a “good” user experience and they love sites such as Wikipedia.  That is why they rank them so highly for an obscene amount of keywords.  If your pages link to sites like these it will only increase that pages authority in the eyes of Google.  Remember, we’re not really expecting people to find these pages… but Google will!

Alert: Wiki Wizard Has Just Gone Live

I wanted to tell you about a brand new software application that has just this minute gone LIVE called WikiWizard.  My good friend Simon Greenhaulgh and Stephen Hawkins (SEO Link Robot) is behind this so you know it is going to be of great value.

Wiki Wizard allows you to build quality wiki type links to your 1st tier backlinks and this is exceptional software because it allows you to use the “exact” method I have outlined above.

You can add ALL of your relevant paragraphs, add in a LOAD of keyword variations including your generic keywords and you can ADD in your long list of URLs which will be your 1st tier link URLs.

The software will then spin your paragraphs, add in your “natural” link and anchor text and then publish your content and link onto one of the many available sites.  You can do ths over a specific period of time to make it look extremely natural.

The software also makes it easy for you to then do the same and build a 3rd tier of links that point to your 2nd tier of links.  The sky is the limit.

Some BONUS Tools For You

I wanted to bundle a few software tools together for you that would help you with this whole process and that would enable you to get the most out of Wiki Wizard.

These are…

Article Research Bot (My popular content research software that will help you to quickly gather lots of relevant paragrpahs for you to use with Wiki Wizard).

VBSniper (My forum finding software to help you build tier 1 links using the method I highlighted in yesterdays post)

phpBBSniper (My other forum finding software to help you build tier 1 links using the method I highlighted in yesterdays post)

You REALLY need to watch the short demo video of Wiki Wizard… it’ll blow you away and a VERY good software developer is behind this!

Doors Open: Go Grab Wiki Wizard Now

Go and check out this software and then take action.  All my bonus software will be available instantly via your JVZoo access page.  If for some it isn’t then please reply to my email and include your transaction details.

To your success!

Andy Black