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How To Drive Your Website Visitors To Your Money Pages And Opt-In Forms

Hi Guys,

Happy Friday! 🙂

I’ve been testing out a new WordPress plugin recently by Dylan Kingsberry.  It is called WP Skypo and what it does is “mimic” a message pop-up notification box on your blog.  You may have seen this in action if you’ve read any of my recent blog posts.  It is also running right now so if you look towards the bottom right hand corner you should see it there.

Natural Habbits

What the plugin does is tune into peoples natural habbits.  Many people are used to seeing popup notifications, particularly Skype users and those who run similar messaging software.  This plugin is designed to get their attention without being too intrusive.

My Case Study

I installed the plugin on Monday and added just one message box.  The plugin allows you to add multiple messages, that can link to ANY URL you require.  This can be a video, an offer, a squeeze page etc.

For my first test I created a message that pointed to my FREE Authority Blog Finder software.

As you can see in just one day 14.29% of my blog visitors clicked on the popup message.  That’s 25 clicks which could have potentially resulted in up to 25 sales, opt-ins or anything else.

Here is a second screenshot from just this morning… so the stats only covers a handful of hours during the night up until about 9.20am when I taken the screenshot.

Although these few hours don’t provide substantial stats you can see that the click through rate is similar at 15.38%.

Directing Your Blog Traffic To Key Areas

What this plugin does is allows you to direct your blog traffic to key areas or monetized URLs.  It’s a great plugin to help you build a list for example.

Add Multiple Messages For Split Testing

You can add up to 10 message boxes so it is great for split testing.  Add your messages or variations of messages and over the space of a couple of weeks so which ones get the highest click through rate.  You may even want to direct different message boxes to different URLs or offers.  The choice is yours!

Up To 40% Click Through Rate

With the limited testing I have done I saw around a 15% click through rate (which I think is mazing) but Dylan assures me that their testing has achieved between a 15 – 40% click through rate.  I can’t back that up myself as I haven’t seen that but I’m sure with the right messages and “hook” you could se a much higher rate.

You may have also noticed in my two screenshots that one has “Skypo” and the other shows “Chatify”.  Dylan decided to change from Skypo on the popup box due to possible legal issues.  However, the results are the same.

When Will This Plugin Be Available?

This will be available to buy this coming Sunday 28th October at around 11am!  I will send a mail out to all of my subscribers as soon as it goes live so if you would like to use this plugin to drive your traffic to “KEY” web pages or products then you can get it at its cheapest price.

What Will It Cost?

Unlimited Personal Rights – $7 (Dimesale)   <<== SUPER LOW COST!!

Unlimited Developer Rights – $27


If you decide to grab one of the licenses via my link on Sunday I will give you a very short and simple PDF guide where I will outline some tips on getting the most out of this product.  Some simple advice that could help you to increase sales conversions and opt-ins rates.

Reminder: Don’t forget that Anchor Text Turbine went live yesterday and is a cool, low-cost application that can generate the right anchor text variations that you’ll need to rank in Google after the recent updates.  (I’ve used this as an example in the little popup box in the bottom right hand corner)… but if you want to see what this is about you can just [CLICK HERE].

Hope you have a fab weekend! … and keep an eye out for my email this Sunday about 11am EST… in order to get your copy of the plugin at the lowest possible price.  Fom just $7 you really can’t fall off with this!

To your success!

Andy Black